Hi, I am Mira Park, a globalization enthusiast and global growth strategist. I have worked on releasing more than 50 projects up to 90 languages and markets, and have 10+ years of experience as a program manager and an engineer. I am also a writer, and recently as a sole author published a book titled “Software Globalization” in Korea which received great reviews.


I have diverse management skills with background in engineering, global MBA, and invention patenting.

Legal: registered to practice before the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office)
Management: MBA in Cornell University, and Certified ScrumMaster
Technical: Computer Science from University of California, Irvine

Work Projects

Products I have worked on as a program manager and an engineer for the past 10+ years.

Personal Projects

Interesting projects I do for fun and self-development, including a book writing, and data science project.

My Resume

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Work Experience

Program & Project Management


Software Test Engineering


Business & Legal



  • Power BI
  • Azure Services
  • System Center
  • Visual Studio
  • Team Foundation Server
  • Silverlight
  • Expression Studio

Mira, It's been great to see your continued efforts in all of your areas. Your list of accomplishments continues to be impressive and with high business impact.
You continuously produce high quality releases by staying on top of all the activities that are happening in your diverse portfolio. You're well aligned with all of your stakeholders and partner with them on all levels, both internally and externally, and you constantly look for ways to further improve how things are run.

Former manager at MicrosoftPerformance testimonial

You constantly look for ways to further improve how things are run which resulted in better efficiency of processes. You have done excellent job on sharing knowledge and expertise with PMs.
Mira, you are self-critical, an agent of change and constantly drive learning with growth mindset.

Former manager at MicrosoftPerformance testimonial